Level of Care (treatment requirement per level)

Level .05: Early intervention (1 session per week)

Level I: Outpatient Services (2 sessions per week)

Level II: Intensive Outpatient Services (3 sessions per week) 

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Levels Of Care:

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Substance Abuse Counseling 

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Secretary Of State Denial Letters  

Level II: Called Intensive Outpatient Services for adolescents and adults, this level of care typically consists of 9 or more hours of service a week or 6 or more hours for adults and adolescents respectively to treat multidimensional instability. Level 2 encompasses services that are capable of meeting the complex needs of people with addiction and co-occurring conditions. It is an organized outpatient service that delivers treatment services during the day, before or after work or school, in the evening, and/or on weekends. 

Our Counselors are Multicultural Competent  

Why the Phoenix: 

ASAM Treatment Levels of Care

Phoenix Behavioral Services is licensed and approved by the Department of Human Services: Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR). 

Our Phoenix is a symbol of strength and renewed self. Just like the Phoenix, we can rid our self of the old, learn new ways and come into greatness.     


Level 0.5 is NOT a level of care or treatment but the combination of psycho-education and assessment. If the assessment indicates the need for treatment, the individual may receive treatment at the conclusion of the 0.5 service or concurrently

Level I: Called Outpatient Services for adolescents and adults, this level of care typically consists of less than 9 hours of service/week for adults, or less than 6 hours a week for adolescents for recovery or motivational enhancement therapies and strategies. Level 1 encompasses organized services that may be delivered in a wide variety of settings.

‣   Spanish Speaking Counseling 

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