Level of Care (treatment requirement per level)

Level .05: Early intervention (1 session per week)

Level I: Outpatient Services (2 sessions per week)

Level II: Intensive Outpatient Services (3 sessions per week) 

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Level I: Called Outpatient Services for adolescents and adults, this level of care typically consists of less than 9 hours of service/week for adults, or less than 6 hours a week for adolescents for recovery or motivational enhancement therapies and strategies. Level 1 encompasses organized services that may be delivered in a wide variety of settings.

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ASAM Treatment Levels of Care

Levels Of Care:

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Level II: Called Intensive Outpatient Services for adolescents and adults, this level of care typically consists of 9 or more hours of service a week or 6 or more hours for adults and adolescents respectively to treat multidimensional instability. Level 2 encompasses services that are capable of meeting the complex needs of people with addiction and co-occurring conditions. It is an organized outpatient service that delivers treatment services during the day, before or after work or school, in the evening, and/or on weekends. 

Our Phoenix is a symbol of strength and renewed self. Just like the Phoenix, we can rid our self of the old, learn new ways and come into greatness.     

Level 0.5 is NOT a level of care or treatment but the combination of psycho-education and assessment. If the assessment indicates the need for treatment, the individual may receive treatment at the conclusion of the 0.5 service or concurrently

Phoenix Behavioral Services is licensed and approved by the Department of Human Services: Substance Use Prevention and Recovery (SUPR). 

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